Register now for Introduction to Self-Funded Underwriting Concepts: June 5-7 in St. Louis, Mo.

The Introduction to Self-Funded Concepts course is designed to provide a foundational knowledge of self-funded financial arrangements. This 1½-day class covers self-funded concepts and underwriting to provide sales professionals with self-funded terminology and the knowledge to discuss and position:

  • Administrative fees

  • Claims

  • Stop loss

  • Cash flow

  • Performance guarantees

  • Fully insured and self-funded comparison proposals

  • Pharmacy rebate products and services unique to self-funding

Attending this workshop, you will acquire the skills and knowledge to evaluate, discuss and present self-funded product options to your customers. A sample course outline is available for review on 

Who Should Attend

Available on a first come, first served basis, you will get the most out of the program if you have:

  • A very strong fully insured background.

  • Limited knowledge of self-funded arrangements.

  • A sales or account management position.

Continuing Education Credits*

This course offers Continuing Education (CE) credits. Credit amounts vary by state, but generally run between 6 and 12 credit hours. In order to file credits with your respective Department of Insurance, we require the following informational during registration process:

  • The name your license is filed under

  • Your license number

  • Your email address


Deadline is May 25, 2018.  To register or to request more program details, visit and choose Introduction into Self-Funded Concepts. 

Note: Travel plus hotel expense for the 1½-day course are the agency’s responsibility. 

Need your United Advantage agency ID number?  Email us at 

*Credits are not available in all states.  Eligibility and number of credits vary by state.