Enhancements coming for Connecticut Oxford members beginning October 2018

UnitedHealthcare understands the need to respond to market changes in order to support our Oxford business. We're pleased to announce we will be making enhancements for new and renewing Oxford fully insured Connecticut sitused groups with Oct. 1, 2018 effective dates and beyond.

These enhancements include a new advocacy customer service model, additional value-added features and a new member website. As a result, we are pleased to offer these Oxford members a more robust and streamlined service experience for their medical benefits.

More details on the enhancements are included below. UnitedHealthcare sales staff will be reaching out in the coming weeks to provide further details on how these enhancements will benefit you, your impacted clients and their employees. We will also keep you informed on plans to roll out these enhancements to other clients.

What this means for producers

  • Licensing: No action required.
  • Oxford portfolio: You will continue to sell Oxford plan designs to your Connecticut fully insured clients, as you are accustomed.
  • Commission statement: Your Oxford commissions for those impacted groups will be included on a UnitedHealthcare statement along with your other UnitedHealthcare business, if applicable. UnitedHealthcare commission statements are mailed twice monthly.
  • Reporting and Materials: You will need to search differently on the oxfordhealth.com Broker website to see information in the following areas for your impacted groups: Commissions, Federal Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Rebate Detail, Materials Requests and Marketing Collateral.

    When performing these functions, you will need to select either "Oxford 1.0" or "Oxford 2.0":
    • Oxford 1.0: Refers to clients who have not yet received member enhancements. Because these clients will not receive the enhancements until the following renewal year, you should continue to conduct business with them as usual:
      • Oxford fully insured Connecticut sitused groups with effective dates prior to Oct. 1, 2018.
      • Oxford fully insured New York sitused groups.
      • Oxford fully insured New Jersey sitused groups.
      • Oxford self-funded (ASO) employer groups.
    • Oxford 2.0: Refers to clients who have received member enhancements.
      • Oxford fully insured Connecticut sitused groups with Oct. 1, 2018 effective dates and beyond.

What this means for Connecticut Oxford fully insured members

(Beginning with Oct. 1, 2018 effective dates and beyond)

  • New health plan ID card: All members will get a new health plan ID card upon their new policy effective date.
  • New member website: myuhc.com®.
  • Service enhancements: In addition to a new member website and advocacy customer service model, members will have access to an updated health discount program, personalized weight loss program, new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, updated treatment cost estimator tool and virtual doctor visits on myuhc.com.

What this means for your Connecticut Oxford fully insured clients

(Beginning with Oct. 1, 2018 effective dates and beyond)

  • New group identification (ID) number: Employers will be assigned new Group IDs and new Plan IDs (formerly known as Contract Specific Package [CSP]). These new ID numbers will be implemented upon the group's renewal date.
  • New billing address: The Oxford premium payment address will change. Please work with your clients to make sure they update their accounts payable records, if needed, and ensure they send their monthly premium payment to the address shown on the statement they receive from us.
  • Paper invoices: Clients will get an updated paper invoice and have the option to turn off paper billing.
  • Oxfordhealth.com Employer website: Employers will continue to use the oxfordhealth.com Employer website as the key resource for their employee medical plan information and online transactions. Historical information will be accessible on the site for up to three months from the employer's new effective date for any group that needs it. After this three-month period, employers will need to call Client Services for assistance with their historical information.
  • Online transactions: The billing transaction page will have a new look, and employers will have the ability to self-enroll in auto-pay from oxfordhealth.com.
  • Scheduled direct debit: Withdrawals will occur on the 10th business day of each month (excluding bank holidays), instead of the 5th of the month.

Additional resources for producers, employers and members

  • Producers: The Producer Guide to Connecticut Oxford Enhancements includes more details on the changes you, your clients and their employees can expect as a result of these enhancements.
    • We have developed a CT Oxford 2.0 Renewal Enhancements Toolkit, which is available on the Tools & Resources page of the oxfordhealth.com Broker website. It includes materials for producers, employers and members outlining the changes to be expected as a result of these enhancements. Also in the toolkit is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document. It is important that you become familiar with these materials so you can help guide your clients through any changes they can expect as a result of these enhancements.
  • Employers: We have also developed an Oxford renewal enhancements toolkit for Connecticut employers with effective dates of Oct. 1, 2018 and beyond. The toolkit, which can be viewed or downloaded from the Tools & Resources page of the oxfordhealth.com Employer website (post-login), includes materials for both employers and members outlining the changes they can expect as a result of these enhancements.
  • Members: We will mail materials to members' homes that highlight these program and service enhancements.


For more information about these important developments or if you have any questions, please contact your Oxford sales representative.