All Savers® updates termination policy for employer groups

Moving forward, requests for group coverage termination must now be made to All Savers® within at least 10 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) prior to the requested termination date. 

Please be aware that failure to provide a termination notice within this timeframe results in the employer being liable for any claims if the termination is not processed prior to the requested term date. 

In order to help you understand the implications for clients, we’re including two example scenarios. 

Example 1

ABC Employer notifies All Savers on July 27 that they wish to terminate coverage effective July 31. If claims were incurred on or after August 1 and paid on August 1 or August 2, the employer would be liable for those claims because they did not provide UnitedHealthcare with the minimum 10 day advance notice. 

In addition, employers who notify All Savers after the requested termination date will be subject to the prorated admin fee and any claims incurred and paid after the termination date. 

Example 2

ABC Employer notifies All Savers on August 2 to terminate coverage on August 1. The employer will be responsible for the prorated admin fee of two days and is subject to the claims incurred and paid in August. 

For questions, please contact any member of your Account Management Team.