"The Path Forward": A perspective on the future of health modernization

The future of health care reform and modernization continues to be debated in the United States. As a way to demonstrate its leadership in the health care industry, UnitedHealth Group has released The Path Forward: A Modern, High-Performing, Simpler Health Care System (pdf).

Rooted in UnitedHealth Group’s broad experience, core competencies and expertise, The Path Forward provides the enterprise perspective for effectively: 

  • Expanding access to achieve universal coverage.
  • Improving affordability and lowering health care costs.
  • Advancing quality outcomes in health care.

The solutions included in The Path Forward build upon the successes of today’s health care system—through ensuring the stability of programs like employer-sponsored insurance and Medicaid—while leveraging innovative, proven, private sector approaches—such as care coordination in Medicare Advantage and pharmacy benefit managers in government-sponsored health programs—to achieve cost effective, responsive health care for more individuals.