Help employees better understand their health plan with the Getting Started Toolkit

While much attention is paid to helping employees choose the right health plan during open enrollment, it’s just as important to help them understand and feel confident about the plan they purchased.

Research shows that less than two-thirds of new members have an excellent understanding of their health plans.* Poor understanding can lead to unexpected surprises, such as delays in care and additional out-of-pocket costs.

The purpose of the Getting Started Toolkit is to provide information that employers can share to help their employees gain a better understanding of their health plans, from the moment they enroll to the first few months of using their benefits.

The Getting Started Toolkit offers step-by-step, turnkey onboarding communications for customers of all sizes. The communications are organized into three phases that tell employers the best time to release the information: Before Your Plan Begins, When Your Plan Begins and One to Three Months into Your Plan.

Each phase offers a variety of materials to help educate and engage employees on how to make smart and informed decisions about their health plan. Materials in the toolkit reflect survey results indicating what employers are most likely to use, including fliers, videos, quizzes, infographics and emails. Employers can choose to release information on a weekly or monthly basis.

The Getting Started Toolkit is available on the UnitedHealthcare Communication Resource Center (CRC) at

*UnitedHealthcare New Member Tracking Survey, July 2017