Help your employees get off to a good start with their new health plan

Research shows that plan understanding is critical for health care consumers, but less than two-thirds of new members report having an excellent understanding of their plan, according to a recent survey.1

In fact, 62 percent of members say their plan doesn’t cover what they expected it to cover, and 70 percent say their expectations for out-of-pocket costs aren’t being met, according to UnitedHealthcare’s 2017 survey of new members. Additionally, two-thirds do not know how to fill their Rx and do not feel secure about their plan.2

That’s why UnitedHealthcare has developed the Getting Started Toolkit, which provides information that you can share with your employees to help them gain a better understanding of their health plans.

The Getting Started Toolkit offers step-by-step, self-service onboarding communications, allowing you to choose the materials that work best for employees. Consumers with better understanding are more likely to have higher satisfaction, perceived value and trust in their health insurance plans. These customers are also less likely to experience unexpected surprises, such as delays in care and additional out-of-pocket costs.1

The Toolkit includes fliers, videos, quizzes, infographics and emails – materials that reflect the survey results3 of what employers are most likely to use. Communications are organized into three phases – “Before Your Plan Begins,” “When Your Plan Begins” and “One to Three Months into Your Plan.” Information can be released on a weekly basis or send it a single email for each phase, compiling multiple communications and sent monthly.

Visit the Getting Started Toolkit and please contact a UnitedHealthcare representative with any questions.

1) UHC New Member Tracker, 2017
2) UHC National Account Key Member Indicator Survey, Q1 2018
3) Communication Resource Center User Insights Survey, 2017