Client Net Promoter Score reaches all-time high in 2017

Quality has always been a primary focus of UnitedHealthcare, especially the quality of the experience we deliver to our many different customers – members, plan sponsors, care providers and regulators. To continuously improve quality, we use the Net Promoter System® to formally listen to our customers, identify insights, take action and assess our performance.1  

The primary measure in this system is the Net Promoter Score (NPS®), which involves one ultimate question – “How likely are you to recommend us?”1 Customers who are highly likely to recommend a company (9 or 10 ratings) are considered “Promoters” while those unlikely to recommend (0 through 6 ratings) are “Detractors”. The difference between the proportion of customers who are Promoters and those who are Detractors yields the NPS.

We began utilizing the NPS methodology within our UnitedHealthcare National Accounts employer business in 2006 and each year, our priorities have been driven primarily by customer feedback. As a result, our client NPS reached an all-time high of 69 in 2017 based on feedback received from 91% of our National Account customers in our annual client survey and interviews.2 

Your Feedback Drives Our Actions 

While we’re proud of this progress, we’re also focused on what we can do next. Customers have identified several priorities for our attention this year:

  • Account teams that are proactive, strategic, personal, responsive, stable
  • Clinical programs that facilitate high quality care at the right provider, place and price
  • Flexible, innovative, integrated solutions that deliver measureable results for your business
  • Strategic analytics and reporting that inform your decisions
  • Employee engagement through best-in-class tools, resources and member service 

Thank you for providing your feedback and enabling us to continuously improve. Your Strategic Client Executive will be using your feedback to drive specific actions for your organization in 2018 and beyond. 

Please contact your Strategic Client Executive with any questions or to discuss the survey findings in greater detail.



1) Reichheld, Fred; Markey, Rob (2011). The Ultimate Question 2.0: How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer-Driven World. Boston, Mass.: Harvard Business Review Press. 

2) UnitedHealthcare 2017 National Accounts Client Scorecard Survey conducted by Market Strategies International.

3) Satmetrix Systems 2016 United States B2B Benchmarks


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