New personalized onboarding videos help members better understand their coverage and plans

Research shows Americans have difficulty understanding health insurance. A UnitedHealthcare study uncovered:

  • Less than two-thirds of new members have excellent understanding of their plans.1
  • 61% of new members do not understand their out-of-pocket costs.1
  • 61% do not understand their prescription drug coverage.1

UnitedHealthcare is continuing to help improve members understanding of health coverage and the way members interact with their health care through a member-focused redesign that spans UnitedHealthcare websites and apps. Personalized onboarding and claims videos are available on®.  

The onboarding video helps subscribers better understand their coverage and how their plans work. The video is available to consumer-driven health (CDH) plan subscribers only. The video includes:

  • A personalized welcome by first name.
  • Information on the plan’s effective date, who’s covered under the plan and the benefits in which they’ve enrolled.
  • The name of the primary care provider (if applicable) and the importance of staying in the network.
  • Information about how the plan works, showing specific plan values like copay, deductible, coinsurance and out-of-pocket limit.
  • An overview of their pharmacy benefits and financial accounts, if applicable.

The claims video helps members understand how their benefits work through a recent claim. Members will see “Watch claim video”, next to each medical claim that qualifies for a link. The custom-made videos are located within the claim summary and claim detail pages on The video includes a step-by-step breakdown that shows exactly how each claim was processed and how much they owe in less than three minutes. The engaging format uses plain language and easy-to-follow explanations. The videos are available for:

  • First claim of the plan year.
  • Any claim with $100 or more of member responsibility (not billed amount).

Members having one or more of the following benefit elements will not have access to the personalized onboarding or personalized claims video on

Exclusions include:

  • Members with a Health Incentive Account (HIA).
  • Customized financial account names (other than HRA, HSA or FSA).
  • Policies with per occurrence deductibles (those service-level deductibles that apply, regardless if the network deductible is met or not. (Note: this is a claim video exclusion only.)

To view video demos visit

For additional information, please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative.

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