New walking program helps employers control costs and increase engagement

Effective Jan. 1, 2018, a new walking program, UnitedHealthcare Motion™ will launch to help employers encourage physical activity through the use of activity trackers and provide financial incentives to those employees who meet daily walking goals. UnitedHealthcare Motion will be available to all National Accounts customers and the program can be layered over any medical plan.

Control Health Care Costs
Seven out of 10 employers say poor health habits are one of their top challenges in controlling health coverage costs.1 Employers spend an estimated $160 billion annually on modifiable health risks.2 By design, UnitedHealthcare Motion may help increase engagement and control costs by motivating employees to better manage their health, become healthier, and in turn, may result in fewer medical claims and lower health care costs.

Increase Engagement with UnitedHealthcare Motion Rewards
Each employee is given the opportunity to earn rewards in the form of quarterly deposits to a health reimbursement account (HRA) or health savings account (HSA). The incentive has proven effective for Small Business and Key Account customers who participated in a pilot program, often motivating participation levels of over 60 percent of the employee population.

To earn rewards, employees and eligible spouses must walk with frequent, moderate activity. For some, that may mean taking six 7-minute walks each day, achieving 3,000 steps on the way to a daily total of 10,000 steps. It is easy for participants to monitor and record activity. Each participant uses a wearable tracker which automatically records activity. Activity data is securely synced online to help participants follow their progress. Whether online, or through a mobile app (available from Google Play™ or the App Store®), each employee has 24/7 access to check their results, compare progress to others and access tips and recommendations.

For more information, please reference our UnitedHealthcare Motion program flier and view our national television ad on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. To learn more about our wellness rewards programs, visit Contact your UnitedHealthcare representative with questions.


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