UnitedHealthcare launches innovative value-based approach to laboratory services

New arrangements with LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics aim to create a simpler consumer experience and more personalized care recommendations.

UnitedHealthcare is growing its national network of participating laboratory providers and launching an innovative value-based approach to laboratory services focused on ways to create more personalized care recommendations and a simpler consumer experience for the more than 48 million people it serves. We have renewed our long-term strategic agreement with LabCorp, and we are establishing an expanded relationship with Quest Diagnostics.

LabCorp will continue to serve as our exclusive national laboratory provider until Jan. 1, 2019;1 Quest will be available as a network provider for all plan participants beginning Jan. 1, 2019.1

UnitedHealthcare will collaborate with both providers on a variety of value-based programs, bringing the same type of aligned incentives and enhanced patient experience to lab services that exist today in accountable care arrangements between UnitedHealthcare and more than 1,100 hospitals and 110,000 physicians.

These expanding relationships will strategically change the way we support the health care needs of consumers by using real-time data sharing to better anticipate people's care options - and reducing gaps in care - similar to the model UnitedHealthcare already uses to integrate medical and pharmacy data.

About LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics

LabCorp offers nearly 5,000 frequently requested and specialty tests, including a wide range of clinical, anatomic pathology, genetic, and genomic tests, delivered through LabCorp's broad patient access points, including a growing retail presence. Quest, which is a network lab for a limited number of UnitedHealthcare plans in some markets today, has 6,000 patient access points and will be a network provider nationwide for all plan participants beginning Jan. 1, 2019.

For more information, please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative.


1 Excluding existing lab capitation agreements