We heard you: New enhancements to Communication Resource Center

The Communication Resource Center (CRC), your one-stop online resource for employee-facing communications on health plan basics and engagement materials such as the Getting Started Toolkit, has been enhanced with an improved design and more intuitive navigation effective Nov. 14, 2018. 

As a result of direct feedback, the CRC enhancements aim to help reduce pain points and increase overall user satisfaction. Features include a new directory organized alphabetically by topic to make finding content quicker and easier, and new method of reporting metrics that will help drive future improvements and updates to the site.

Although the previous site will redirect CRC users to the new site automatically, the redirect will end at the end of March 2019. 

To ensure a smooth transition, CRC users should start using uhc.com/cr or uhc.com/communicationresources and update any saved bookmarks now.

Contact your UnitedHealthcare representative with questions.