Protect your vision: Two new benefit products now available

UnitedHealthcare Vision has 2 new benefit products that are now available. The benefits will enrich and customize a customer’s plan design and value opportunities within the Key, National Account and Public Sector spaces. Details on the benefits:

Enhanced second pair benefit

An in-network benefit unique to UnitedHealthcare Vision—a robust benefit structure not offered by other carriers—that gives employees additional covered lens options that can be used to create a customized second pair of glasses. Employees choose from the combination of covered lens options which include Standard and Premium anti-reflective coatings, polycarbonate lenses, standard progressives, and photochromic to create their second pair. Examples include sports glasses, prescription sunglasses, computer glasses and backup glasses. 

Computer glasses benefit

An in-network benefit that gives employees an additional allowance and covered lens options to purchase prescription glasses that include protection against blue light. The benefit includes 3 different allowance options for the client to choose from and includes Premium and Platinum anti-reflective coatings (options include blue light protection) covered in full.

For more information, please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative.