Benefits available for current, former and retired Florida Firefighters with cancer

UnitedHealthcare has processes in place to support customers impacted by Florida Senate Bill 426/Chapter 2019-21. Referred to as the Florida Firefighter Cancer Bill, employers are required to provide financial and health benefits to firefighters who have been diagnosed with certain types of cancer and who meet eligibility requirements, as an alternative to workers’ compensation. This includes former and retired firefighters who have been diagnosed with applicable cancers within 10 years following their date of termination.

It is the responsibility of the employer to confirm a firefighter has met all eligibility requirements.

Plan impacts and options

Fully insured (FI) and self-funded (ASO) medical policies sitused in Florida. All customer segment sizes may be impacted, including Public Sector. Impacted employers primarily include:

  • Local, county and state fire departments
  • Health safety departments that employ fulltime firefighters

Fully insured groups:

  • Currently enrolled, active firefighters remain on their existing plan coverage.
  • Former employees can only be added to the group’s existing plan coverage. Please notify your Dedicated Client Service Manager (DCSM) or Client Service Operations (CSO). 

ASO groups: 

  • Currently enrolled, active firefighters remain on their existing plan coverage.
  • For former employees, employers have the option of enrolling firefighters under their group’s existing plan option(s) or enrolling them in a Cancer Only Plan, which only covers eligible cancer related services and treatments. 

With all options, the employer is responsible for reimbursing firefighters for all eligible out-of-pocket costs related to cancer treatment. Cancer Only Plans may be set up for ASO customers to cover 100% of eligible services.

To add former employees to an existing plan offering, please follow the standard enrollment process. To set up a Cancer Only Plan, ASO customers should work with their UnitedHealthcare Sales & Underwriting team.

Please contact your UnitedHealthcare broker or representative with questions.