Mid-December mailing to New York Fully Insured Plan Members Regarding Out-of-Network Services

UnitedHealthcare is required by New York law to provide UnitedHealthcare and Oxford NY fully insuered situs plan members with examples of out-of-network sample services. The examples show estimated plan allowances for top-selling plans and usual and customary amounts (also known as UCR). New York situs plan members (both UnitedHealthcare and Oxford) will be notified of this law and offered examples in a mid-December mailing.

The cover letters linked below provide answers to the following questions, and provide contact information should the member have additional questions:

  • What is an out-of-network provider?
  • What happens when I use an out-of-network provider?
  • How much will the out-of-network provider charge?       
  • Will I save money when I see a network provider?

NY fully insured situs plan members will be notified of this law and will receive examples in a mid-December mailing. Please review the cover letters should your UnitedHealthcare or Oxford plan members have questions. 

Please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative with questions.