Specialty medical injectable drug program updates: Purified Cortrophin™ Gel

Please review the following table to determine changes to our specialty medical injectable drug programs.

Specialty medical injectable drugs added to Review at Launch

Specialty medical injectable drugs added to Review at Launch
Drug Name UnitedHealthcare Commercial Treatment Uses
Purified Cortrophin™ Gel X Used for specific chronic autoimmune disorders and inflammatory conditions such as acute exacerbations of multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Upon prior authorization renewal, the updated policy will apply. UnitedHealthcare will honor all approved prior authorizations on file until the end date on the authorization or the date the member’s eligibility changes. Providers don’t need to submit a new notification/prior authorization request for members who already have an authorization for these medications on the effective date noted above.


Certain specialty medical injectable drug programs and updates will not be implemented at this time for providers practicing in Rhode Island, with respect to certain commercial members, pursuant to the Rhode Island regulation: 230 -RICR-20-30-14. UnitedHealthcare encourages providers practicing in Rhode Island to call in to confirm if prior authorization is required. This exception does not apply to Medicaid and Medicare.