Tamiflu coverage status change, and other ways UnitedHealthcare is helping employees fight the flu and stay healthy

Flu season is the top news story in many communities, and local care resources are scarce or overwhelmed. Here’s a look at some helpful UnitedHealthcare customer resources designed to help members stay healthy:

  • Virtual Visits “Sick with the flu?” email: This email, with a subject line “Sick with the flu?,” reminds our members that UnitedHealthcare Virtual Visits are an easy way to talk to a doctor without leaving home. This email is part of the employer support available in the virtual visits toolkit (option A).
  • Flu-fighters: Clients can point their employees to valuable uhc.com content about fighting the flu.
  • Benefit Awareness News: In late February, a flu-specific Virtual Visits email will be sent to more than 1.5 million members, including opted-in National Accounts members, as part of the next edition of Benefit Awareness News.

Coverage status of Tamiflu® changed due to shortage of generic equivalents

Due to the shortage of the generic anti-flu medicine, oseltamivir, and the severity of the influenza season, UnitedHealthcare is proactively responding by approving to process the brand version, Tamiflu, as a single-source brand, effective immediately.

Virtual visits are not an insurance product, health care provider or a health plan. Unless otherwise required, benefits are available only when services are delivered through a Designated Virtual Network Provider. Virtual visits are not intended to address emergency or life-threatening medical conditions and should not be used in those circumstances. Services may not be available at all times or in all locations. Prescription services may not be available in all states.

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