UnitedHealthcare provides support for members affected by Hurricane Michael

UnitedHealthcare is taking action to help people in Florida, Alabama and Georgia who may be affected by Hurricane Michael. Support includes:

  • Help finding a network care provider, early refills: Members who need help finding a care provider in the UnitedHealthcare network or obtaining early prescription refills can call customer care at the number located on the back of their health plan ID cards. No matter where members are, they can access UnitedHealthcare's national network of providers. Visit myuhc.com® for a full list of network providers.
  • Help for members who may have misplaced their ID cards: Call 866-633-2446, 8 a.m. — 8 p.m. (in the local time zone), Monday through Friday. People enrolled in Medicaid, employer-sponsored and individual health plans (except Medicare) who have a smartphone can download the free Health4Me app, which provides instant access to their ID card, network care providers, their personal health benefits and more. The Health4Me app is available as a free download at the Apple iTunes App Store and the Android Market on Google Play
  • Free emotional-support help line: The toll-free number, 866-342-6892, will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for as long as necessary. The service is free of charge and open to anyone, including individuals who are not UnitedHealthcare members.

Along with the toll-free help line, emotional-support resources and information are available online at www.liveandworkwell.com

For more information on hurricane preparedness, access these resources: