Health & wellness programs

UnitedHealthcare offers a broad range of benefits, support programs and technologies to address chronic diseases. Programs include wellness coaches, disease management programs, and innovative systems that may identify people at risk for developing certain conditions before onset occurs. Some examples are:

Your Rewards for Health and SimplyEngaged®

Points-based incentives programs offered through employer health plans to promote health and well-being among employees. The goal is to help contain health care costs and maintain a healthier workforce. Enrollees can receive points by participating in biometric screenings (e.g., BMI/body fat analysis, cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose readings) and reaching specific healthy lifestyle goals. These points are converted into savings on health plan premiums. The programs also provide educational tools and resources – from fitness kits to health coaching.

Know Your Numbers

The Know Your Numbers program encourages individuals to get screened for blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, BMI, and body fat percentages. The program enables people to learn about and closely monitor key numbers associated with diabetes and obesity.

Personal Health Support

Personal Health Support is a proactive outreach program that identifies health care gaps and addresses them through case management and mail, phone, and web-based outreach. It is offered through employer health plans.

Wellness, Inc.

OptumHealth through Wellness, Inc. provides worksite wellness solutions for employers who want more comprehensive and convenient ways to help employees manage their health. Services include worksite-based biometric screenings that help identify risk factors and detect disease such as diabetes and obesity in early stages.

Diabetes Health Plan

Evidence shows that early and aggressive intervention can help reduce physical and financial toll of diabetes. The Diabetes Health Plan is designed to prevent the onset of diabetes, and help those with diabetes and pre-diabetes manage their conditions more effectively. Benefits may include a healthier workforce and lower health care costs. Participants receive diabetes self-management steps, wellness coaching, training and information, and financial rewards for meeting certain compliance requirements, such as waived co-pays and coverage for diabetic supplies and drugs at 100 percent.

Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance Program (DPCA)

The DPCA Program creates a new infrastructure to help people with pre-diabetes or diabetes prevent or control the disease. It does this through tested, community-based support programs. UnitedHealth Group collaborates with the YMCA-USA and retail pharmacies, like Walgreens®, to offer the two programs: One is designed to help people at risk for diabetes prevent the disease through weight loss and other lifestyle changes. The other is designed to help people with diabetes better control their condition through education and support from trained pharmacists.

Health Discount Program

Our health discount program provides money-saving opportunities to help people reduce health care spending and start living a healthier lifestyle. Typical discounts of five to 50 percent off wellness-related products and services make healthy choices more affordable for members and their families. (The health discount program is NOT insurance; please read the full disclosure below.)


The UnitedHealth Allies health discount program is administered by HealthAllies®, Inc., a discount medical plan organization located at 505 N. Brand Blvd., Suite 850, Glendale, CA, 91203, 1-800-860-8773. The health discount program is NOT insurance. The health discount program provides discounts for certain health products and services. The health discount program does not make payments directly to the providers of health products and services. The program member is obligated to pay for all health products and services but will receive a discount from those providers who have contracted with the discount plan organization. The health discount program is offered to existing members of certain products underwritten or provided by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or its affiliates to provide specific discounts and to encourage participation in wellness programs. Health care professional availability for certain services may be dependent on licensure, scope of practice restrictions or other requirements in the state. UnitedHealthcare does not endorse or guarantee health products/services available through the discount program. This program may not be available in all states or for all groups. Components subject to change.

OptumHealth is a health and well-being company that provides information and support as part of your health plan. It is not a substitute for your doctor's care. Please discuss with your doctor how the information provided is right for you.  Your personal health information is kept private in accordance with your plan's privacy policy.