State government

Better state solutions

UnitedHealthcare is committed to improving the health care experience of state employees, retirees and their families. We help lower health care costs, maximize taxpayer resources and enable employees to make informed health care decisions.

Better information

UnitedHealthcare uses the power of information to help state employers, employees, and their families to make better health care decisions.

Data & analytics – Do you know what's driving your employee health care costs? UnitedHealthcare's industry-leading data and analytics can help you find the answer. Armed with the right information, we can show you how to improve employee health and save money.

Targeted campaigns – Based on a custom analysis, we can also help you design and implement targeted campaigns that lower costs and improve the health of your state employees.

Better decisions

Through personalized online wellness tools, referrals, coaches, care and disease management, our information-sharing and support capabilities encourage better health decisions.

UnitedHealth Premium Designation Program – Our national quality initiative that informs members about physicians that meet quality and cost efficiency guidelines based on national standards. Choose from 95,000 physicians screened for performance of 250 measures of quality and efficiency in 21 specialties, across 138 markets.

Better health

UnitedHealthcare's members have access to online wellness resources that can help them:

  • Save money
  • Lose weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Improve nutrition
  • Manage chronic diseases

There are a variety of ways UnitedHealthcare can help. We offer flexible and customized plans and services, with a level of personalization. After all, no one knows your constituents better than you. Let's build a benefits program together.

Some solutions to consider include:

  • UnitedHealth Premium® designation program
  • Personal Health Support (Care coordination with dedicated nurses)
  • Decision Support product
  • Disease Management solutions
  • Convenient Care Clinics

Public sector expertise

UnitedHealthcare has expertise and resources dedicated to serving public sector agencies, employees and their families. UnitedHealthcare helps 19 state agencies across the nation provide state employees and their families with access to the highest quality care; reduce the cost of health care and maximize taxpayer resources; and enable employees to make informed decisions so they can stay healthy and productive.

Did you know

  • States pay on average 13% more in medical costs than commercial employers.
  • Primary care physician visits are 10% above norm, but only 39% of members received a wellness exam in the past year.
  • State employees use the emergency room 14% more often than the national average.