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There are dozens of ways you can use our components because in many of them, there is flexibility with images, icons, headlines, copy and the order in which you use these elements. Below is a sampling of our components. 

Note:Abre en nueva ventana These components can be used for either landing pages or content pages. 

Title and text component with background.

This is a custom component has a background, icon and text.

It can have one paragraph of content or many paragraphs. It can also be 1 column or span 2 columns (across the entire content area of the page.

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test test test

 Title and text component without background.

This is a custom component has an icon and text. The text can wrap around the icon, or it doesn't have to, like the component on the left. The icon could also be moved to the right in the box and the text can wrap around the left.

It can have one paragraph of content or many paragraphs. It can also be 1 column or span 2 columns (across the entire content area of the page.

This is a Title and Text component that is two columns. 

This is a pretty common component that has a background and can have content configured like the rest of the components on this page.

Button for a CTAAbre en nueva ventana

Image Header Strip Components

These components are configurable in 3 columns, 2 columns or one column with or without images.


Find a health insurance plan that meets the needs of your business.

Learn more

Request a quoteAbre en nueva ventana


We have a dental plan that can meet your budget.

Learn more


We offer plans for eye care coverage. See what works for you. 

Request a quoteAbre en nueva ventana

Image Header Strip w/ 1 link

Get the latest news and information on health care reform changes that may affect your business from our United for Reform Resource Center.

Here is the Call to Action link

Cross Sell Box Components

These components can be used as cross sell boxes (promotional boxes at the bottom of a page) or they can be used as a tile on a landing page or customized for a content page.

Short Term Health Insurance

In times of change, find short term solutions that help you bridge the gap.

Find Plans

Self-Employed Plans

If you’re self-employed, you may qualify for individual coverage. Choose from a variety of plans made to fit your needs and budget.

Learn More

Buttons and Other CTAs

Digital Blue   (#196ECF) This is the button we use 95% of the time.

Accent Blue (#00A8F7 ) - Do not use - does not pass A11y AA constrast standards

Dark Blue  (#122377)

Dark Digital Grey  (#2D2D39)

Digital Grey  (#757588)

Digital Green (#0D880B)

Orange  (#c03c00)

Drop down component

Also known as a JumpMenu component, the drop down component expands and offers options to a user. It is typically used to display a list of states or products. 

Accordion or Drawer Component

This is a unique component that allows for copy to be hidden under a drawer. The text of the headline for the drawer is NOT configurable - it is essentially an H3 - and that cannot be changed.

You can have an image within this component, but other than that, there are some limitations.

Call to action

This is where more of your copy goes. You can have many CTAs within this component, too.

Call to Action 1

Call to Action 2

Call to Action 3

One thing we cannot do in here is host a video. But we can put in plenty of copy along with images. 


Our videos are hosted in either the Brightcove video cloud or on YouTube. Our content management system, AEM, has a connector that allows our components to pull from one of these two services in order to display a video. We have several possibilities on ways to arrange video components.

Testimonials from our value-based care partners

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1This is what disclaimer text looks like. It typically goes above the footer in the page. Often times we use either an asterisk "*" or we use superscript numbers to identify what a disclaimer is referring to. 

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