Tune in

Check out replays of the Wellness House sessions. So you can help take care of your mental health and find ways to stay healthy during and after pregnancy.

Improving Maternal Health for Black Women

Know what to expect before, during and after pregnancy, discover the role of doulas and explore ways to help improve maternal health.

Your wellness matters

Focusing on you and your wellness is an important way to help care for your overall health. Here are a few things you can do to promote wellness in your life.

Focus on your mental health

Taking care of your mental health can help your overall health. Your health insurance might have on-demand mental health resources available to you. As an Essence Festival participant, you have access to a special 90-day trial of Sanvello Premium, the top-rated app for mental health. Sanvello can help you find ways to cope with stress, anxiety and depression, so you’re better equipped to manage the curve balls that life may throw your way. To start your free trial, create an account at the sign-up page linked below, then download the Sanvello app and log in with the account you created on the sign-up page.

Be mindful of mom health

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or you’ve been mom-ing for awhile, you can sharpen your knowledge on staying healthy during pregnancy and after. Check out our tips and resources like self-care ideas for new moms, what to expect at appointments and more, all at your fingertips.

Schedule a wellness checkup

Your annual checkup is a great time to check in on your health and wellness. Before you go, check out our preventive care checklist that you can customize to your age and gender. It’s a simple step you can take to help be the best ‘you’ you can be.

Watch these Well Necessities

Take in the Essence Festival Well Necessities to help guide you along your wellness journey.

Wellness on the daily

Check out these 4 simple ways to help you check in on your mental health and wellness. See how making each exercise a part of your daily routine can help make a positive difference in your life.

Health insurance basics — be in the know

The more you know about health insurance, the easier it is to get the most out of your benefits. Dive into the basics like common terms, how it works and more. So you can make the right choices for your health and wellness.