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Better Health

Easier ways to help people live healthier lives.

UnitedHealthcare Motion®

UnitedHealthcare Motion is a walking program designed to motivate employees to get healthier. An activity tracker records movement and shows goals reached and rewards earned.

Completing goals earns daily monetary incentives (to established limits). Their steps toward better health may lead to:

  • Lower medical costs and absenteeism.
  • Higher productivity.

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Rally is designed to help employees make changes to their daily routine, set smart goals and track progress. Employees get personalized recommendations to help them move more, eat better and improve their health—and have fun doing it.

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Real Appeal®

Real Appeal is a virtual weight loss program for employees who are ready to live healthier. The program offers:

  • Opportunities for employee engagement with one-to-one and live group online coaching. Plus, employees get a box of weight loss resources delivered to their homes.
  • Interventions that may help lower costs with fewer claims from diabetes, cardiovascular and other weight-related conditions.

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With employees get a one-stop resource with medical, dental1 and vision1 information and tools to help them make the health care choices that are right for them.

  • Check current and past claim status.
  • Review benefits and coverage.
  • Find network doctors and hospitals.
  • Manage prescription drug coverage.
  • Complete health surveys.
  • Chat with a nurse.

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1 May not be included in all plans.

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