Financial, legal and health insurance resources for caregivers

Many caregivers help the person they’re caring for with financial, legal and health insurance matters. There may be a lot of paperwork and authorizations to complete before you can help with some of the more complex issues. Maybe you’ll help with signing up for Medicare, Medicaid or other health insurance. In that case, you may need to learn about how each insurance works. Take a look at the resources here to learn ways to help manage the financial, legal and insurance coverage side of caregiving.

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Can caregivers get support through insurance?

If the person you’re caring for has UnitedHealthcare insurance, there are a variety of programs to help support caregivers.

  • Medicare Made Clear offers explanations and guidance on how Medicare works and what’s covered
  • Just Plain Clear® glossary includes thousands of health care terms defined in plain, clear language to help you make informed decisions
  • Pharmacy Locator helps Medicare members find convenient pharmacy locations across the country — and with some plans, you can also choose home mail delivery
  • Drug Cost Estimator helps Medicare members estimate drug costs