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Caregiver Support

Millions of Americans provide care for family, friends and neighbors today. Entering this new stage of life brings new challenges and may create stress for families that are already trying to balance multiple responsibilities. And while caring for others can be emotionally rewarding, it can take a toll on caregivers mental and physical health.

View our Take Care of the Caregiver online seminar by Barbara K. Moeller, RN, PHN (aired May 15, 2012).

Being prepared as a caregiver, including knowing how to manage and reduce your stress, will help you protect your own well-being as you care for another. Make sure you are taking steps to manage caregiver stress and burnout.

If you need help understanding a complex medical condition, or you simply aren't able to care for a loved one by yourself, you may need to consider using a support service that provides assistance for caregivers.

You can find more resources to help you navigate this stage of your life, including tips on:

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