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Flex Your Muscles

Getting your body active is one way to maintain a smart, healthy lifestyle. So just imagine how good you could feel if you used that energy to help others in your community. By volunteering your muscle and sweat, you can impact the lives of people who need homes, those in distress, and even the lives of kids in your area.

Pick up a hammer or grab a paintbrush.

One of the most satisfying feelings is to know that you created something. By volunteering to help build or repair houses for the homeless, you'll be helping to build new lives and second chances. You'll be involved in building a place where children can do their homework, a place where parents don't have to worry about where their family is going to sleep at night, a place you can point to and say, "I helped make that." Put your skills to work, and see what kind of community we can make together.

Teach a child.

Coaching in a community sports league is a great way to give back and stay active. You'll be teaching kids the fundamentals of the game, but you'll also be getting them off the street, giving them something productive to do, teaching them good sportsmanship, and perhaps more importantly, giving them a role model to look up to. It's a great way to put your energy to use.

Or just take a walk.

There are hundreds of causes and organizations that could use your feet. By walking or running for a cause such as breast cancer, AIDS or even a new town library, you can help raise funds and change lives in your community for the better.

Exercise the most important muscle of all – your heart.

From hurricanes to oil spills to the devastation caused by tornadoes and floods, the demand for disaster relief is becoming more and more frequent. And with that demand, relief agencies need help getting much-needed supplies to stricken areas. That's where you can help. Whether you're involved in prepping supplies or delivering them, your actions could make the difference between life and death. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Coach a community sports league
  • Help build or repair houses for the homeless
  • Volunteer for a cause that has a walk or a run
  • Prepare or deliver supplies for disaster relief
  • Help out with a scouting group
  • Assist in maintaining community fields for sports

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