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The Busy Mom's Workout

Quick Exercises You Can Do at Home

By Lindsay Brin, CPT, BSE

Increase your energy, rev your metabolism and you may feel better in just 10 minutes with this challenging at-home Boot Camp workout.

You don't need any fancy equipment or even a gym. Just a few pieces of furniture and some motivation!

Do 1 minute, or about 20 repetitions of the following:

  1. March warm-up: March in place.
  2. Plank: Prepare to do a push-up but hold the position. Pull your belly button up.
  3. Couch step-ups: Put your right leg on your couch and bring your left leg up to meet your right leg. Step down with left leg only.
  4. "Girl" push-ups: Place your hands wide on the back of a sturdy chair. Lower your upper body until your chest is in line with your elbows, push up.
  5. Superman: Lie on your stomach and lift your arms and legs like Superman, release.
  6. Dips: Sit on your couch with your hands to your sides. Keep hands on your couch as you lift your hips up and off couch. Bend elbows to 90 degrees and straighten.
  7. Plank abductions: Hold plank as you did in #2, but lift one leg out to the side then the other.
  8. Counterbalance squats: Stand in front of your chair and hold your arms at shoulder height (and keep them there). Perform a squat as you almost sit in your chair and stand up.
  9. Push-ups: Just like you did in grade school! But, you can place your hands wide to hit your chest muscles, or place your hands narrow to hit your triceps (back of the arms) muscles. And, you can modify by putting your knees on the ground.

Perform 2-3 times (morning, afternoon and evening) every other day for best results.

Be sure to talk with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

About the author

Lindsay Brin formed Moms Into Fitness in 2005 and produces fitness DVDs for moms. She is a nationally recognized pre/post natal specialist who is known for her core training technique using the transverse abdominus and pelvic floor.

The information provided is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be medical advice or a substitute for professional health care. You should consult an appropriate health care professional for your specific needs and to determine whether making a lifestyle change or decision based on this information is appropriate for you.

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