Seasonal Allergies and Your Vision

 More than 50 million Americans endure seasonal allergies, with allergic reactions involving the eyes being a common complaint.

A trip to the local drugstore is often the first stop when allergy season is in full swing. Unfortunately, many over-the-counter medications can make eye related symptoms worse by reducing tear quantity and quality.

Many factors go into finding the right treatment for eye-related allergies – the most important being a consultation with your eye care professional. During your appointment, describe your symptoms so your eye care professional can recommend or prescribe a medication that may provide safe and effective relief.

Allergy sufferers can help themselves by:

  • Limiting exposure to environmental allergens (keeping the windows closed during the worst seasons).
  • Rinsing the eyes after being outside to limit the severity of symptoms.

Contact lens wearers should:

  • Limit wearing time.
  • Replace lenses as your eye doctor recommends.
  • Care for lenses as instructed and do not substitute solutions without consulting with your eye doctor.