Managing medications

Check your Prescription Drug List

When your doctor recommends a medicine, your Prescription Drug List (PDL) shows you all the drugs that are covered by your UnitedHealthcare plan. Choosing drugs from your PDL may help you save money.

Some updates may be coming to your PDL on July 1.1 If there were changes to your plan, you should have received a letter in the mail. Be sure to talk with your doctor about any changes that may affect you. You’ll be able to see your new PDL on® as of July 1.

4 ways to save

Here are a few tips on how to get your medications at the lowest cost:

1. Check your PDL often

Reviewing your PDL may help you choose drugs that are covered by your plan. It may also help you understand any plan rules that may affect your coverage.

Your PDL is broken into cost levels called tiers. Choosing drugs in lower tiers may help you save money.

Be aware that your coverage could change for several reasons. For example:

  • Drugs might change tiers.
  • Drugs may no longer be covered.

We’re always looking out for the safest, most effective and most affordable medications for you. As the options on the market change, so will your PDL. So it’s good to check it often.

2. Consider generics

Generics usually have a lower copay than brand-name drugs. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if there’s a generic option for you. Visit to locate a pharmacy or manage your prescriptions.

3. Compare prices

Whenever you switch to a new plan, your prescription coverage may change. To help make sure you continue to get the medications you need, enter them into the drug pricing tool at or in the UnitedHealthcare® app to see if they’re covered. Then look for details on how to continue getting the same drug or switch to a lower-cost alternative.

4. Know your plan

Your plan may require one or more of the following before you can fill your prescription:

  • Prior authorization — approval to get a drug
  • Step therapy — trying one drug before another
  • Quantity limits — getting a certain amount of each drug

You can get information on your medications and pharmacy benefits any time. Log in to or the UnitedHealthcare app to:

  • View your prescription history
  • Compare drug pricing and options
  • Set up email or text message reminders

What to do next

Remember to check your PDL on on July 1 — or review the letter you received in the mail. Then talk with your doctor about any changes to your covered medications. 


  1. Some members in Louisiana and Texas may see these changes on their plan renewal date instead.