Self-care tips

4 simple ways to practice self-care, mindfulness and meditation

Self-care is a way to help support your overall mental well-being. Adding a few simple exercises to your daily routine — like practicing meditation or trying mindfulness exercises — may help boost your mood and support a healthier mind and body. Here are 4 simple habits to work into your routine for a happier, healthier you. 

Gratitude can be an attitude

You may have heard about gratitude journals as a way of cultivating a positive mind. Even if you're not journaling, forming an attitude of gratitude may be a simple practice to try. 
  • Start by practicing gratitude for someone or something 
  • Set aside time each day to think about what you're grateful for — it only takes a few minutes
  • Recognizing what makes us grateful provides perspective and improves our mood


Breathing may help reset your day

Taking a deep breath may do wonders for calming you and helping you find peace of mind. 

  • Stop and take a deep breath to reset your mind throughout the day
  • Breathing with intention helps you focus and let go of distractions
  • Deep breathing lets you slow the mind and soothe stress

Mindfulness exercises

Practicing mindfulness is a way to be more aware of how you are thinking, feeling and acting.

  • Focus on the present moment
  • Observe what you are feeling and thinking
  • Be conscious of your state of mind and use your awareness to intentionally react in positive ways

Meditation moments

Meditation may help you focus your mind and let go of random or scattered thoughts, helping to reduce stress and support inner peace. 
  • Find a quiet place where you may ground your thoughts on an object, image, mantra or your breath
  • Observe your thoughts without judgment
  • Pencil in some time for meditation every day to help calm your mind