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Audrey Thomas
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Managing Photos in a Digital Age

By Audrey Thomas, CSP a.k.a. Organized Audrey – April 2016

Thanks to smart phones, capturing photos are easy and of high quality. Throw in a few social media apps and sharing has never been more efficient. Gone are the days where you have to develop film, get reprints and then snail mail to friends and family.

In an era where our photographs live on our phones and other mobile devices, it’s smart to consider ways to guard and protect them in the event your device is lost, stolen or damaged.

Follow these simple steps in organizing your digital memories so you’ll have them for years to come.

1. Sort and purge your photo gallery on an on-going basis. Get rid of duplicates, those with eyes shut or those you wonder why you took in the first place. This will help you when looking for photos at a later date.

2. If you transfer your photos and videos from your phone to a computer’s hard drive, store them using a chronological filing system. For example, create a file folder entitled “2014 Family Photos” and then create sub folders with names such as “Birthdays,” “Family Reunion,” “Holidays,” “School,” “Vacation,” etc.

3. Take time to rename the photo so you can find it more easily. Most cameras assign a number to each photo, which doesn’t help when you’re looking for a particular photo.

4. Sync to the cloud. Many phones will do this automatically for you. It’s a huge time saver and convenient; just be sure to delete them off your camera once you know they are stored safely elsewhere.

If you have older, pre-digital era photographs, you probably recognize the importance of preserving these in some digital format. There are scanners on the market that do a great job with photographs and depending on the number of photos you have, this might be a good option. There are also services where you send in your photos and they do the scanning for you.

Once your photographs are in digital format, it’s vital to have back-ups of them. You might decide to burn a CD, load them on a flash drive or store them in a cloud-based system. Loosing treasured photographs is a horrible feeling to experience so do all you can to ensure it doesn’t happen.

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