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3 Reasons to Unplug

By Audrey Thomas, CSP a.k.a. Organized Audrey – July 2016

A few years ago, I met a person who challenged my thinking of how and when I use technology. He was the father of 11 children, ranging in ages 5 to 19 at that time. During our conversation, he shared that in their home, every evening around 7:30 pm, all electronics were shut down. The exception was computers that were being used for homework assignments.

To help in the unplugging process, they had created a “Charging Station” in their living room where all gadgets were plugged in and allowed to charge overnight. These included cell phones, iPads, iPods, e-readers, laptops, tablets, etc. Here were some of the benefits he noticed:

  1. When the kids wanted to avoid calls from mom or dad, they often claimed their phones were out of battery. This ended that excuse!
  2. The kids now slept without their cell phones nearby, allowing for uninterrupted sleep.
  3. When the electronics were put away, it allowed for other activities to take place such as playing games, getting some exercise or reading a book aloud as a family.

One of the best ways to bring balance to any home is to engage with one another. Electronics often get in the way of this and unplugging from technology will help you invest time with those who matter most. 

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