5 things to take to your next doctor visit

Be ready with these essentials and practical pointers:

  • My health plan ID card You’ll need this to check in at your appointment, so don’t leave home without it.* Also bring along photo ID, such as a driver’s license.
  • A list of all the medications I take Include all over-the-counter products, prescriptions, vitamins and supplements you currently use. Some medicines and even “natural” products can interact with each other. And that can be downright dangerous. So make sure your list is complete — your doctor and pharmacist really need to know.

    Quick tip: Brown bag it. A list is handy — but you can also gather up and bring the bottles and containers along to show your doctor.

  • Health history notes It’s helpful for your doctor to know details about your family medical history as well as your personal health history.
  • My questions and concerns It can be hard to remember all the points you want to cover during your visit. So make a list to bring along. Note any symptoms you’re experiencing.

    Quick tip: Don’t forget preventive care. Ask your doctor what screenings and vaccines are right for you.

  • A buddy If you have trouble recalling what your doctor says, it may be helpful to invite a family member or friend along.
    • Take a notepad to jot down the must-remember items.
    • Ask your doctor for a printout of instructions

    Quick tip: What if you don’t have someone available? Or maybe you aren’t comfortable having another person listen in on your checkup. Here are a couple of other options: