Checklist: 3 weeks to less digital clutter

Print this checklist to help you get the job done.

Week 1: Delete the obvious first

Look for easy targets, like these:

❏ Unneeded or duplicate files or email messages.

❏ Old bookmarks and shortcuts.

❏ Rarely or never-used apps and programs.

❏ Do I need any screenings for weight-related health problems?

Week 2: Develop a clear digital filing system

❏ Create a folder structure.

❏ Give files and folders simple — but specific — names.

Week 3: Pare down your pics

❏ Keep the best — and discard the rest.

❏ Set a timer for short cleanup sessions — as many as needed.

❏ Save photos — and all your important files — to disks, external hard drives or a cloud-based service.

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