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Find out if you can get help to buy insurance

If you can get health insurance from your employer, that's often your best choice.

You may be eligible for a subsidy so you can buy a plan in your state's Individual Marketplace IF:

  • Your income is less than 400% of poverty level and you don’t qualify for Medicaid.1

    AND one of the following:

  • Your employer's plan fails to meet the minimum value standard. This means it pays, on average, less than 60 percent of the overall cost of providing essential health benefits to plan members. If the plan falls below the level of 60 percent, its value is below the lowest level plan, called a Bronze plan, offered in state Marketplaces. The person in your company who handles benefits can tell you if your plan meets the minimum value standard.


  • Your employer's plan fails to meet the government's affordability standard. It fails if the amount you pay toward your employer's plan for employee-only coverage is more than 9.5 percent of your yearly household income.

Find out what help you could get

If you're eligible for a subsidy to help you buy a plan in your state's Individual Marketplace, you're probably wondering how much you could get. The answer depends on a few things. The federal government determines your eligibility for a subsidy, and their Quick Guide is available on

Knowing whether you qualify for help paying for a plan may make the decision about where to buy insurance easier. Subsidies are only available through the Individual Marketplace. Online calculators can help you do the research, but remember that only the Individual Marketplace can confirm with the federal government if you are eligible for a subsidy, after you complete an application for coverage through your state's Individual Marketplace.

Shop for a health plan

In most states, you can shop for plans on the website of your state's Marketplace. Information on 2018 open enrollment, deadlines and other information is available on Health Care. Go to Health Care to see what plans are available and other key information.

  • Choose from a range of plans at different costs and levels of coverage.
  • Compare plans side by side and use an online calculator to find out what each one will cost.
  • Complete an application for coverage in your state's Individual Marketplace to find out if you qualify for a subsidy. The subsidy can be used to help pay your premium or out-of-pocket costs.
  • Enroll in the plan that's right for you. To get a subsidy, you must enroll through the Individual Marketplace. If you are not getting help to pay for your insurance, you can still buy a plan through the Marketplace. An insurance agent or broker can help you find a plan either through or outside of the Marketplace.

To find out about your own state's health insurance marketplace, visit Health Care.

Learn more about your options under Medicare

If you will be turning 65 soon, you'll want to consider your Medicare options. There's a lot to learn and a lot of choices for supplemental coverage. UnitedHealthcare has resources to help you explore choices, using easy-to-follow videos, illustrations, and descriptions. Learn more at Medicare Made Clear.


  1. The amount of help you can get depends on your family size and how much money your family earns.