Managing costs

How to get the most from your health plan

It’s a good idea to get familiar with what’s covered by your plan. You can save money by choosing services and providers in your network – and making smart choices about your care. Here are some tips on how to get high-quality care at a price that works with your budget. 

Simple ways to save

Stay in network

The doctors and facilities in our network have agreed to provide services at a discount — so staying in network makes sense, especially when visiting an out-of-network provider could cost you a lot more or it may not be covered at all. You can find network doctors, mental health professionals, pharmacies, hospitals, labs and more at > Find Care & Costs.

When you sign in to, you’ll see the list of network providers for your specific plan. You can search a general provider list to get familiar with the provider directory, but you’ll need to check on to confirm which providers are in your plan’s network.

Shop around

With such a wide variety of services, from minor procedures to major surgeries, it’s a good idea to check pricing first. Sign in to > Find Care & Costs or the UnitedHealthcare® app to estimate the price of care.

Check in with your PCP

A PCP is a primary care provider, sometimes called a primary care physician or doctor. When you need care, your PCP has the best access to your records and knows the bigger picture of your health. When it’s not possible to see your doctor, check your network to see your options for cost-effective quick care.

Understand key health insurance terms

Knowing these health insurance terms may help you control costs and make more informed decisions. If you find other terms you don't know, you can find clear definitions using this Common Terms list.

Save on medications.

Get help with saving money on prescription drugs with these pharmacy tips.


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