Welcome to the new member checklist

Easy steps to help you get started with your plan

If you’ve got your health plan ID card, you’re ready to get started. While managing a health plan may seem confusing at first, this checklist will give you a step-by-step guide to make it easier to take charge of your health and get more out of your plan.

Let’s get started!

Sign up on myuhc.com®

Log in and use this personalized website to access and manage your health plan details. It’s got easy-to-use tools to help you:

  • Find and estimate costs for the network care you need.
  • See what’s covered and get information about preventive care.
  • View claim details and account balances.
  • Sign up for paperless delivery of your required plan communications.

Have your ID card handy when you go to myuhc.com

Sign up on myuhc.com

Get to know your health plan ID card. Find key information about your coverage.

Get on-the-go access

When you’re out and about, the UnitedHealthcare® app puts your health plan at your fingertips. Download it for free to easily access your digital ID card, find nearby care options, see your claim details and view progress toward your deducible, video chat with a doctor and more.

Download the app.

Get to know your network

With almost every plan, you’ll typically pay less if you choose doctors, clinics and hospitals in your network. Check who’s in the network by using the provider directory on myuhc.com or the UnitedHealthcare app.

Check out your pharmacy benefits

If OptumRx® is your pharmacy care services manager, here are some ways to learn how it works and find cost-effective ways to get your medications within your pharmacy network.

Visit myuhc.com to see your medication cost and coverage

Use our online drug pricing tool or the Health4Me app to search for lower-cost alternatives.

Review your Prescription Drug List (PDL)

  • Take note of which medications are covered by your plan.
  • Ask your doctor about trying less expensive medications if you have concerns about the cost of your medications.

Make your first appointment

Most UnitedHealthcare plans pay 100 percent of the cost of certain preventive care services with a network provider, so it's a good idea to get an appointment on the calendar.


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