See ACA Marketplace plans

See ACA Marketplace plans

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See ACA Marketplace plans

See ACA Marketplace plans

ACA Marketplace plans with benefits that fit your needs


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We offer a variety of Individual & Family ACA Marketplace plans that are classified into 5 plan categories. Within these categories, “metal” levels tell you how costs are divided between you and UnitedHealthcare.

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If you buy your own health insurance for you or your family, the health care Marketplace is for you. The Marketplace (also called the Exchange) is where ACA health plans are sold. You might also hear these plans called Exchange plans or Individual & Family plans. Don’t worry, they’re all the same thing — affordable health plan options for you and your family.

We offer Individual & Family plans in 26 states, including Texas, Florida and Georgia. Plan details vary by state, like premiums, network and certain benefits. The good news? We've got some great universal benefits that everyone can get — no matter where you live.

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