Where do you get care?

Test what you know about when a condition should receive care from the emergency room, urgent care or your primary care doctor.

QUESTION 1: Headaches and strep throat are among the most common reasons people visit the emergency room.

QUESTION 2: Which of the following symptoms needs to be treated in an emergency room?

QUESTION 3: What two (2) items should you bring wherever you receive care?

QUESTION 4: If your symptoms aren’t an emergency, what are the benefits of having your primary care doctor treat you?

QUESTION 5: Imagine you develop a fever after your primary care doctor is closed for the day. What’s the first thing you should do to receive care?

QUESTION 6: Your insurance company or primary care doctor may offer virtual visits. If so, which services might this option offer?

QUESTION 7: You may be able to find a ride to your doctor’s office by calling your insurance company’s customer service number.