Choose UnitedHealthcare Level Funded for your small business

Built for quality benefits and lower costs, Level Funded health plan rates are based on your plan participants regardless of business size. So if their medical claims are lower than expected, your health plan may get a surplus refund at year-end. In fact 49% of Level Funded plan sponsors in the northeast received a refund for their health plan in 2021, the average of which was $10,004.1

Designed for savings, flexibility and stability

One of the nation's leading providers of Level Funded health plans since 2013, UnitedHealthcare is ready to bring years of industry experience and dedication to your small business in a Level Funded plan built just for you.

Exemption from many state premium taxes and Affordable Care Act regulations

Choice of a variety of provider networks and plan designs to best fit your needs and budget

Protection from unexpected high medical claims with stop loss insurance

Surplus refund eligibility for your health plan at the end of the year if medical claims are lower than expected1

Programs and services included at no additional cost

These programs and services are designed to help plan participants access care and get and stay healthier, which may help lower medical claims costs.

Real Appeal®

With online coaching, a Success Kit and more, this program is designed to help participants lose weight and keep it off.

HealthiestYou Virtual Care

HealthiestYou™ gives employees 24/7 mobile access to doctors who can diagnose, prescribe and treat nonemergency medical conditions.

$0 Kids Copays

Available with copay-based plan designs, $0 copays for kids’ primary care physician visits may help lower families’ out-of-pocket costs.2

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