UnitedHealthcare Interoperability APIs

Developer-friendly, standards-based APIs that enable third party applications for vendors to connect their applications or programs to access UnitedHealthcare data.


UnitedHealthcare interoperability APIs enable UnitedHealthcare members to consent to have their data shared with third-party applications. It also allows third-party application owners to connect to provider and pharmacy directories, further referred to as “public non-member specific data.”

UnitedHealthcare Interoperability APIs provide the functionality listed below:

  • Enable developers to register member-facing applications
  • Enable members to provide consent for an application to access their data
  • Use the HL7 FHIR standard for member data and the OAuth 2.0 / Open ID Connect standard for member authorization
  • Use the HL7 FHIR standard for sharing public non-member specific data


  1. Response times do not include holidays or weekends.
  2. Longer timeframes may be expected in the case of a large-scale systemwide outage.