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The choice of provider is yours

We will provide you with information to help you make informed choices, such as physicians' and health care professionals' credentials. This information, however, is not an endorsement of a particular physician or health care professional's suitability for your needs. This site only serves as a general educational aid concerning provider listings. You should not assume that a provider identified as having performed a certain procedure or treated a certain condition is necessarily an expert in that procedure or treatment. You should talk with your chosen provider to understand their qualifications and specialties.

The providers available through this application may not necessarily reflect the full extent of UnitedHealthcare's network of contracted providers. There may be providers or certain specialties that are not included in this application that are part of our network. Some providers who are part of our network may have multiple offices, or may practice at, one location but not others.  Similarly, not all providers at listed facilities (hospitals, surgical centers, etc.) are network providers. If you don't find the provider you are searching for, you may contact the provider directly to verify participation status with UnitedHealthcare's network, or call the toll-free member phone number on your health plan ID card. We also recommend that, prior to seeing any provider, including any specialists, behavioral health providers or dentists, you call the provider's office to verify their participation status and availability. The information included in the directory is accurate, to the best of the carrier's knowledge, as of the date of updating.

Important Notice:

Any physician included in this directory is listed for outpatient office visits.  In addition, the directory includes information regarding whether the provider is currently accepting new patients.  We do not guarantee that each provider is still accepting new members.  Some network providers may have been added or removed from our network after this directory was updated.

For Federal employees, it is important to know when you enroll in this Plan, benefits are available as described in the Plan’s Federal brochure, but the continued participation of any one doctor, hospital or other provider cannot be guaranteed.

Paper directory requests

Paper copies of the network provider directory are available at no cost to members by calling the customer service number on the back of your ID card. Non-members may download and print search results from the online directory.

Provider data

Reporting inaccurate information

Members and Potential Members should report possible inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information by using the “Report Incorrect Information” link found on the Provider’s detail page. Additionally, you can email This email is for individuals to report potential inaccuracies for demographic (address, phone, etc.) information in the online or paper directories. Reporting issues via this email will result in an outreach to the provider’s office to verify all directory demographic data. Individuals can also report or submit a complaint, related to potential inaccuracies via phone. UHC Members should call the number on the back of their ID card, non-UHC members call 1-888-638-6613 and providers call 1-877-842-3210. For IL provider demographic inaccuracies, you may also contact the IL Office of Consumer Health Insurance at 1-877-527-9431.

Behavioral health provider information issues, for states other than CA, can also be reported via the "Report Incorrect Information" link on the Provider’s detail page or by calling 1-800-557-5745, or emailing California residents may report possible inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information listed in the Behavioral health provider directory by using the "Report Incorrect Information" link found on the Provider's detail page, calling 1-800-999-9585, or emailing

For dental provider information issues, please call us at 1-800-445-9090 or email at

For vision provider information issues, please call us at 1-800-638-3120 or email at

UnitedHealthcare (UHN) Providers should use the My Practice Profile tool in the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal under the Practice Management drop-down. Contractual issues should be addressed through your UnitedHealthcare Network contact.

For UnitedHealthcare Hearing provider information issues, please call us at 1-855-523-9355 or email at

UnitedHealthcare Hearing providers should use the UHC Hearing Provider Portal to edit any inaccurate information under the My Profile drop-down.

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Where can I find information on telemedicine services available to me?

Please call the toll-free member phone number on your health plan ID card to talk to a customer care professional. Always verify your health plan coverage before seeking treatment.