Delaware Civil Union Equality Act of 2013

The Delaware Civil Union Equality Act of 2013 (2013 DE H.B. 75), effective July 1, 2013, eliminates the prohibition on same-sex marriage that was enacted in 1996. The bill allows two individuals, regardless of the same or different sex, to marry if otherwise eligible.

Results of this Act:

  • Same-sex marriage is allowed.
  • No new civil unions will be formed in Delaware.
  • Current civil unions can convert to a marriage prior to July 1, 2014. After July 1, 2014 all remaining civil unions will automatically convert to marriages (as long as they are not currently subject to a proceeding for dissolution, annulment or legal separation).
  • Provides for the equal application of all laws of the State relating to marriage, married spouses, or their children to same-gender or different-gender married spouses and their children.

All policies for individual and group plans recognize same-sex marriages. Based on the law, UnitedHealthcare recognizes Delaware same-sex marriages. The enrollment process for UnitedHealthcare subscribers and dependents is not changing in regards to enrolling a partner of a same-sex marriage or the children of the partner. Insured individuals have the opportunity to elect coverage of any person becoming a dependent through a same-sex marriage.