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UnitedHealth Premium® Designation Program Disclaimers

The UnitedHealth Premium® designation program is a resource for informational purposes only. Designations are displayed in UnitedHealthcare online physician directories at®. You should always visit for the most current information. Premium designations are a guide to choosing a physician and may be used as one of many factors you consider when choosing a physician. If you already have a physician, you may also wish to confer with him or her for advice on selecting other physicians. Physician evaluations have a risk of error and should not be the sole basis for selecting a physician. Please visit for detailed program information and methodologies.

Only individual physicians that meet UnitedHealth Premium designation criteria, or physicians in designated specialties who are part of medical groups that meet UnitedHealth Premium criteria for group practices and who have sufficient claims data for analysis, may be designated. All physicians that contract with UnitedHealthcare have met credentialing requirements. Regardless of designation, plan enrollees have access to physicians in the UnitedHealthcare network as described in their benefit plan. Specialties for which there are no quality guidelines currently established in the program are excluded from evaluation and are noted as such.

The assessment result "Not Enough Data to Assess" is not an indicator of the total number of patients treated by the physician or the number of procedures performed by the physician. Rather, it reflects the statistical requirements of the Premium designation program, which includes only health plan claims associated with specific program measures and relevant to the physician's designated specialty. In some cases, there may not be enough data to complete the analytic process from a statistical standpoint.

For a complete description of the UnitedHealth Premium Designation program, including details on the methodology used, geographic availability, program limitations and medical specialties participating, please see

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