Better for business

Why offering a robust benefits package matters

Find specialty plans that help deliver cost-savings, simplicity and motivate healthier living.

When you’re competing for the best talent, offering a full benefits package can be an attractive way to show employees they’re valued. With specialty plans that help you save money and keep business simpler, now it may be easier and more cost-effective to provide the benefits employees want.

UnitedHealthcare specialty plans offer just this type of valuable cost-savings to help support your business needs. With these plans, you’ll get the benefit of deep experience and wide resources that can help motivate employees to live healthier so they – and your business – can be more successful.

Plans and funding – your way 

With UnitedHealthcare specialty plans, you’ll have multiple funding options. You can decide whether to offer benefits as voluntary (paid by the employee) or if you want to pay most or all of the cost.

Specialty plans from UnitedHealthcare include:

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Bundling up. Three benefits of bundling specialty plans with health plans.

Pairing specialty plans with health plans can offer even more value to your business. Here are 3 ways bundling can be better for your business.

  1. Health plan savings. Purchasing plans together helps you save. The more plans you bundle, the more you can save.
  2. Administrative simplicity. Managing your benefits with a single carrier can be much simpler – work with one dedicated account team, one self-service administration website, one integrated eligibility and claims process.
  3. Inspire healthier with Bridge2Health® Integrating health and specialty plan data helps give a better picture of employee health. That makes it easier to empower employees by giving them support and resources to help take control of their health.  


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