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Important Information About Our Relationship with Little River Healthcare

Our commitment to the Central Texas Communities

We work hard each and every day on behalf of those we serve, to ensure UnitedHealthcare members have access to a broad network of physicians, hospitals and other health care professionals that provide affordable and high quality care.

Our negotiations with Little River Healthcare continue

Little River Healthcare’s participation in UnitedHealthcare’s network continues through Sept. 30, 2017 for our employer-sponsored and  individual health plans. While these types of negotiations are fairly common, they also need to strike the right balance – maintaining access to local doctors and hospitals you’re familiar with, while still being able to provide you and your employer with affordable health insurance coverage.

We assure you we are making every effort to renew our relationship with Little River, but in the meantime we have posted information on this web site to ensure you are prepared in the event Little River does not continue its participation in UnitedHealthcare’s commercial network.

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