Where to get care

Test what you know about going to your primary doctor, urgent care or ER

Select an answer to reveal which one is correct. Let's get started. 

1. True or false: Headaches and strep throat are among the most common reasons people visit the emergency room.

2. Which of the following symptoms needs to be treated in an emergency room?

3. What 2 items should you bring wherever you receive care?

4. If your symptoms aren’t an emergency, what are the benefits of having your primary care doctor treat you?

5. Imagine you develop a fever after your primary care doctor is closed for the day. What’s the first thing you should do to receive care?

6. Your insurance company or primary care doctor may offer virtual visits. If so, which services might this option offer?

7. True or false: If you have insurance through UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, you may be able to find a ride to your doctor’s office by calling your insurance company’s customer service number.