Our commitment to the New Yorkers we serve

We know that people’s relationships with their doctors are deeply personal and important to them, and we understand how disruptive it can be for our members if their hospital or physician no longer participates in our network. That is why we worked hard to reach an agreement with Montefiore. We wanted to keep Montefiore in our network, but we also have a responsibility to ensure the care it provides is affordable for our members.

We remain committed to working with Montefiore and are hopeful we can reach a resolution that restores network access to Montefiore’s facilities and its physicians. But we also want to reassure our members that they will continue to have access to a robust network of care providers, despite Montefiore no longer participating in our network.

Offering a broad choice of doctors and hospitals

UnitedHealthcare members continue to have access to a large network of care providers that are readily able to provide high-quality care that meets their needs, despite Montefiore no longer participating in our network. Our members can choose from more than 13,000 adult primary care physicians, 6,300 pediatric primary care physicians, 49,000 specialists and nearly 100 hospitals in downstate New York, including some of the top hospitals not only in New York but in the entire country. Our members can receive care at Mount Sinai Health System, New York Presbyterian, NYC Health + Hospitals, Westchester Medical Center and many others.

Ensuring our members get the care they need

Continuity of Care

Our top priority is ensuring the people we serve have continued access to the care they need. That’s why we offer continuity of care, which allows UnitedHealthcare members in the middle of treatment at a Montefiore facility or with one of its physicians, or those who have a serious acute or chronic condition, to continue receiving covered services for a specified period of time after a hospital or physician leaves our network. A few examples of patients who may qualify include:

  • Women who are pregnant
  • Patients with newly diagnosed or relapsed cancer, or those currently in active cancer treatment
  • Transplant recipients in need of ongoing care due to complications associated with a transplant

Some employer group plans offer unique, expanded continuity of care benefits. We encourage our members to call the number on the back of their health plan ID card if they have questions about their plan’s continuity of care benefits, whether they may qualify or if they need assistance finding alternative hospitals or physicians in their area. They can also use the provider directory on our member websites to search for alternative hospitals and doctors:

We’re here for our members

We know this is difficult. We’re committed to making it easier. Please call us at the number on your health plan ID card if you have questions or need support. And please know that we will stay at the negotiating table as long as it takes to reach an agreement that restores network access to Montefiore’s facilities and its physicians. We hope Montefiore will join us there and work towards the agreement that is in everyone’s best interests.