Benefits of ACA Marketplace virtual care

UnitedHealthcare Individual & Family ACA Marketplace plans offer virtual primary and urgent care visits on all plans. Beyond convenience, a virtual care visit may save you time and money. According to a study, a virtual visit may save consumers more than an hour of their time and these visits may cost much less than a trip to urgent care or an emergency room.1

What is virtual care?

Virtual care offers people more ways to connect with a health care provider from home or work. During a virtual visit, you use digital technologies, like your smartphone, tablet or computer, to talk with a provider. In many cases, you can get treatment options and even prescriptions for medications, if needed. Many UnitedHealthcare Individual & Family plans even offer $0 virtual care options so you can get help where you need it.2

What's the difference between virtual care and a virtual plan?

Virtual care

There are two ways to access virtual care with a UnitedHealthcare Individual & Family plan. You can choose to schedule a virtual visit with your regular primary care provider, if offered by your provider, through their office. Or, you can always schedule a virtual visit through Optum Virtual Care between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. local time, sometimes even for $0.2 You’ll be connected with a network virtual primary care provider to help treat your health concern and provide a prescription, if needed.

Virtual plan

A UnitedHealthcare Individual & Family virtual plan is designed for those who would prefer to talk, text or have a video visit with a provider via the Galileo app instead of heading to the clinic in-person. Your monthly premium covers all the features within the Galileo app so your unlimited virtual care is $0 each visit.3 The Galileo app will be your first stop for all your care needs, from everyday to urgent — including primary, specialty and urgent care. Virtual plans are also a great fit if you prefer to connect with a Spanish-speaking provider and get Spanish communications through the Galileo app.

With a virtual plan, you get $0 unlimited virtual primary and specialty care, 24/7, so you can interact with your provider when it’s most convenient for you — no appointment required. You will pay a copay or coinsurance for in-person care with a referral from a Galileo provider. You also will pay $20 or less for labs ordered by a Galileo provider.3 Make sure to have a referral from your Galileo provider to avoid higher out-of-pocket expenses for your care. 

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