Care Cash: A preloaded debit card to help with eligible health expenses

Care Cash

TJ Forhez is the operations manager for a small, family-owned moving company in Lancaster, PA where he works hard to make sure his team is taken care of and can do their best work.

Keeping this crew healthy is essential — especially when it comes to their busy summer months with higher demand. When TJ was asked to find health plan coverage to meet employees’ needs, he found UnitedHealthcare was the best match.

“When I was given the task to find (insurance), my number one priority was to find something that was actually going to be helpful to people,” he said. “So UnitedHealthcare, for me, was the best option.”

As part of their coverage, TJ learned about a UnitedHealthcare program called Care Cash®, which features a preloaded debit card that can be used to help pay towards cost sharing for certain eligible network health care expenses.

Members receive $200 for the year for individual coverage or $500 for family coverage. The Care Cash card can be used to cover copays or other cost sharing for certain eligible In Network services, including:

  • UnitedHealth Premium® providers visits
  • Primary care physician visits
  • Urgent care visits
  • 24/7 virtual visits
  • Outpatient behavioral health visits
  • Outpatient labs

By incentivizing people to access preventive care, Care Cash is designed to help drive positive health behaviors, which may improve health outcomes and lower the overall costs of care.

“Care Cash is my favorite thing in the world, actually,” TJ says with a laugh. “My initial reaction, first of all, I was surprised and then second of all, I thought this is probably too good to be true, right?”

More than 70% of members use their Care Cash card for care with a Premium Care physician, which may lower their total cost by 7% for primary care1 and by as much as 8.2% for care with any of 16 Premium specialties evaluated in the UnitedHealth Premium program.

For TJ, it helps reduce the second-guessing when it comes to seeking care or treatment. Knowing you have Care Cash in your pocket to help you cover some of the costs, may make it easier to make the appointment, he said.

“If you're in a scenario where you don't want to have an unexpected expense and you know have that Care Cash card in your pocket, you're able to go to that doctor confidently … which is just amazing,” he said. “I think it's great.”

How it works

  1. Employees receive information about Care Cash and can request the card on®
  2. Once received and activated, the Care Cash card can be used to help pay towards cost sharing for certain eligible network health care expenses
  3. Members can search for eligible Care Cash providers, view card balance, review card transactions and reload their card when applicable through the experience

Learn more about Care Cash.

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