Personalizing support for health care to help make things simpler

Easy answers. Quality and price transparency. Cost savings. These should be goals for any consumer experience, including ones in which people need to access health care services.

That’s why they are among the guiding principles for the digital health resources and plans UnitedHealthcare offers employers and individuals.

“We want to make it easier for people to use their health benefits,” said Samantha Baker, vice president of consumer digital health and engagement at UnitedHealthcare.

One way this is being accomplished is by making information available on the UnitedHealthcare website and app — and personalizing it for each member. It starts with a custom set of tools for enrolling in a plan and continues with plan-specific answers to questions that may follow.

“On, search results are tailored to the member who’s logged in,” Samantha said. “For example, if I search for help with back pain, I will see the options that are part of my benefits. My results may be different than yours, based on our health plans and specific needs.”

These digital resources are increasing overall transparency and making it easier to compare care quality and costs. Samantha says, if questions remain, members can call advocate advisors who have increased insight into each caller’s benefits and who can help with suggestions on next steps.

Three more ways health care is being personalized

Rapidly expanding virtual care

Virtual care, also called telehealth, has moved beyond delivering care to those who are sick to helping detect and avoid illness with preventive care. These online options are proving to be a more popular, convenient and effective way for many people to access care.

Additional help to avoid surprise bills

ntegrated technology is helping flag issues that, in the past, may have resulted in surprise bills. Real-time cost estimates and price-comparison tools that include member-specific information are helping increase transparency and avoid unexpected charges. In the event of a surprise bill, some health plans offer access to resolution support to help negotiate on behalf of members with hospitals and care providers. If you receive a surprise bill, call the number on the back of your insurance ID card to alert your insurer and check on assistance.

More digital fitness options

More than 75% of people say they believe fitness trackers and health devices help them adopt a healthier lifestyle. To that end, UnitedHealthcare Motion®️ provides eligible members with an activity tracker at no additional cost — which may help them earn financial rewards towards qualified out-of-pocket medical expenses, based on meeting certain daily activity goals. Separately, eligible members have access to a 12-month subscription to a Peloton App membership at no additional cost, providing access to thousands of live and on-demand fitness classes.

“We recognize that people want accurate and quick information so they can make decisions, get updates and move on with their day,” Samantha said. “We are working to help people find the highest quality service at a more affordable cost and find new ways to get or stay fit — simply and quickly.”

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Personalization helps drive a better experience

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